Online Resources and Tools

Online Resources & Tools

Edwards understands that automating order processes can lead to faster and more accurate transactions. To this end, we have different options you may be able to leverage depending on your needs and capabilities. In order to receive some of our data feeds, you will need to sign our Terms of Use Agreement prior to receiving. If you have any questions regarding our Terms of Use Agreement or Digital Files, please contact us here.

Digital Files

Product Catalog File

Download detailed product information including:

  • Style Name & Numbers
  • Product Descriptions
  • Image & Swatch Links
  • Keywords
  • Wholesale, MSRP and MAP Pricing

Delivery Options CSV file(monthly or yearly):

  • (S)FTP Download
  • Email
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Processes such as purchase orders (850), order acknowledgements (997, 855), advanced ship notices (ASN) (856), and invoices can be automated leveraging our EDI capabilities. You can also receive product (catalog) and inventory data feeds via EDI. We can support EDI integration using traditional ANSI X12, EASI or plain text files or XML files. This integration can be done through a VAN, directly via SFTP or email.

  • Value Added Network (VAN)
  • (S)FTP upload

Available Formats:

  • ANSI X.12
  • EASI
  • XML

Request an Edwards Product Catalog File

Inventory Feed

Receive real-time inventory levels (as frequently as every 15 minutes) to ensure your webstore is up-to-date with our latest inventory information

Delivery Options CSV file:

  • (S)FTP Download
  • Email

Request an inventory feed

Connect with us via EDI

PromoStandards (EDI)

We are members of the PromoStandards organization ( and have implemented the following web services which you may use depending on your needs.

Links to our PromoStandards web services are provided below for convenience.

Title WSDL
Inventory - 1.2.1Inventory
Inventory - 2.0.0Inventory 2
Order Status - 1.0.0Order Status
Order Shipment Notification - 1.0.0  Order Shipment Notification  
Media Content - 1.1.0Media Content
Product - 1.0.0Product
Pricing/Configuration - 1.0.0Pricing/Configuration
Purchase Order - 1.0.0Purchase Order

Webstores, Search Engines & Partners

Edwards is partnering with technology companies and online marketplaces to offer you solutions for your website needs. Visit any of our partner's sites to see how they can help your business. To see how our partners can help, please click their logo below.

United States Distributors:

Canadian Distributors:

Edwards Asset Library

As an Edwards distributor, you have access to the Edwards Asset Library which is your source for Edwards photography, logos and branded assets. To access the Edwards Asset Library, click on the Marketing Tab on our homepage - Login and Download Images. You must be logged into the Edwards website to access the Asset Library link.

  • Hi-res and Lo-res images
  • On-Model, Product, IM and Colorway Images
  • Collection Images
  • Edwards Logos
  • Brand Story
  • Social Media Links
  • Image Use Guidelines

Online Selling Tools

A number of Marketing Tools are available for you online - 24/7/365. It is recommended that you log in to have access all marketing tools. Log in

  • Virtual Samples - Virtual tool allows you to create your own decorated styles. visit a product page and cliick the 'Create Virtual Sample' button to create your virtual sample.
  • Sell Sheets - Download product overview and selling points to help make the right selection. Visit a product page and click the 'Download Sell Sheet' button to view or download the sell sheet.
  • Spec Sheets - Download technical product details to ensure you order the right size. Visit a product page and click the 'Download Spec Sheet' button to view or download the spec sheet.
  • Imprint e-Catalog - Create your own e-catalog! Make our Apparel & Accessories catalog yours by adding your logo and information!
  • Edwards e-Catalog - View, email or download our full catalog by viewing our e-catalog available now!