Processes such as purchase orders (850), order acknowledgements (997, 855), advanced ship notices (ASN) (856), and invoices can be automated leveraging our EDI capabilities. You can also receive
product (catalog) and inventory data feeds via EDI. We can support EDI integration using traditional ANSI X12, EASI or plain text files or XML files. This integration can be done through a VAN, directly
via SFTP or email.

  • Value Added Network (VAN)
  • (S)FTP upload

Available Formats:

  • ANSI X.12
  • EASI
  • XML

Connect with us via EDI


PromoStandards (EDI)

We are members of the PromoStandards organization (https://promostandards.org/) and have implemented the following web services which you may use depending on your needs.

Links to our PromoStandards web services are provided below for convenience.

Title WSDL
Inventory - 1.2.1Inventory
Inventory - 2.0.0Inventory 2
Order Status - 1.0.0Order Status
Order Shipment Notification - 1.0.0  Order Shipment Notification  
Media Content - 1.1.0Media Content
Product - 1.0.0Product