Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Edwards distributors may not advertise or promote Edwards products, or cause the products to be advertised or promoted at prices discounted below the Edwards MAP Policy. This policy is made to protect the integrity of the Edwards Garment product line and our distributor network. The Edwards Garment MAP policy applies to, but is not limited to, advertising in all catalogs, direct mail, websites, in-store displays, and any and all other forms of advertising media, including the internet and any other electronic medium avaliable. You may not promote or advertise Edwards products at prices discounted more than 20% on retail pricing advertised by Edwards, when coded on an "A". Any quantity discounts may not be advertised below MAP price.

In the event Edwards receives information that a party is advertising an Edwards' product below MAP, Edwards will contact the party in non-compliance. Once Edwards has contacted the party, the pricing must be corrected within three business days. If the advertised pricing has not been corrected in three days, Edwards will cease to supply the offending party. This sales policy is not a contract, nor an offer to form a contract. Edwards is not asking for and will not accept any agreement affirming your compliance with this policy. This policy simply describes the ciircumstances under which Edwards may in its sole discretion, choose to continue selling its products to you. If Edwards believes that you have failed to comply with this policy, Edwards may, with or without written notice to you, stop selling Edwards products to you or terminate the relationship.

Edwards Representatives are strictly prohibited from dicussing this sales policy or any other pricing practice with you, and from seeking or accepting any assurance of compliance with this policy. All questions regarding this Policy shall be directed, in writing, to Edwards Garment, Attn: VP of Sales, 4900 S. 9th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009. Edwards does not seek any comment or criticism from you about the pricing or advertising practices of any other authorized customer.

Edwards will not, under any circumstances, discuss the business dealings of any authorized customer with any other authorized customer. Edwards reserves the right to change, amend, or discontinue this sales policy at any time, and no third party has any right to rely on the continued existence of this policy, or any act or omission by Edwards to enforce this sales policy. Edwards may elect not to enforce advertising price policies on high volume orders. If an Edwards distributor with multiple store locations and website(s) violates this MAP policy at any particular store location or website(s), then Edwards may consider this to be a violation by all of the distributor's locations.