The Edwards approach to adding variety and customization to your uniform program. With
options ranging from small customizations to complete, true customization, you’ll find
working with Edwards is very easy, we mean VARY EASY!


Getting true custom apparel right is hard. Our team makes it easy with True Custom - part of
the Edwards Vary Easy Custom Program. Turn your sketch into reality with custom fabrics
and decoration from start to finish. Let your ideas run wild with True Custom garments.

TRUE CUSTOM - Every garment made-to-order. Custom fabrics. Custom colors. Custom
decorations. Complete control over the entire process, start to finish.

INSPIRATION IDEAS - Whether you have a customer in the hospitality, automotive, transit,
gaming, healthcare or any other industry, we have created inspiration ideas to get your
creative juices flowing.

THE CUSTOM CLOTHING EXPERTS - We get it right and deliver on time. Global sourcing
capabilities make it easier to make your deadline.

GET STARTED - With minimums of 300 units for outerwear and 500 units on other garments
and a turnaround of approximately 120 days we are ready to help you build your next custom idea.